Top 5 Cities in US to Date Bisexuals

SFYou may well be surprised to learn that dating bisexuals in the United States would be a case of sending yourself on a flight to the obvious haunts like San Francisco or New York City – but you’d be horribly wrong.

While San Francisco is indeed up there for bisexual hookups, it is not the very best place. You see the issue with SF is that there are so many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender types across the city that it is almost like scrambling to find the best bargains in a Black Friday scrum. You will face competition and you will have to fend off competitors who will want to hit upon your own date.


Richmond, Virginia

It is for this reason that we like calm, sedate yet lively places such as the city of Richmond in Virginia. This place even has its own bisexual magazine publication and drop in centre for those wishing to get a low down on the best places to hang out for bisexuals and couples that will swing both ways.

Richmond Community Centre is located on Sherwood Avenue and it can also be a great point to meet up with other bisexuals and singles who wish to join in a threesome with another couple (perhaps you and your wife or husband?)



Hartford in Connecticut is another city where you will find an extensive list of bisexuals listed on a very long list of people who will enjoy the bodies of both men and women. One of the crowning glories of cities like Hartford and Richmond is that these cities – although big and bustling – are a long way from the metropolis of places like New York City or Los Angeles.

It would be wrong of course not to include SF on the list of cities where bisexual hookup is easy – of course it is. SF is ranked as the most diverse city in the world when it comes to bisexuals and gay community activity.

Los Angeles also acts as a back-up for San Francisco when the likes of bi dating just doesn’t seem to work a treat. LA is a bisexual heaven if only for the sheer volume of people willing to diversify in their sexuality.

But a fifth city in the US we need to mention is Washington DC – or as many call it the San Francisco alternative.