5 Truths about “Bisexual Women” on Dating Sites

bisexual womenMore and more bisexual dating sites are going online, and a lot of bisexual women opt to look for another female to have a relationship with or even just an “adventure” with from these websites. Whether it’s your first time to explore bisexual women dating or you’ve done this for quite some time now, there are some “truths” about bisexual women you’d find on these sites that you may have or have not heard about. Here are some of them:

  • Not all women on bisexual websites are bisexual; some of them are lesbians.

There’s really a thin line between being a lesbian and a bisexual. While there are also lesbian dating sites, some of these women try to widen their options. They go on bi sites to meet bisexual women. This allows them to meet more people than just the ones on their circle.

  • There are also a lot of straight women on bisexual sites.

They would claim to be just bi-curious, but some of them are actually straight. These women are looking for bisexual women dating opportunities to satisfy their curiosity. Some eventually end up in a relationship with another woman they met on this site.

  • A lot of women looking for bisexual women are just looking for another female who can join her and her partner for a threesome.

women looking for threesomeDon’t be surprised if you ever get a threesome invitation on bisexual websites because there are a lot of bisexual women on these sites, who are on the site just to look for that. This is a norm on these sites and you shouldn’t be offended at all. You can politely decline if you’re looking for a relationship, or you’re not into threesomes.

  • There are very few single women looking for threesome.

Most of the time, if you’re single, you’re the one who will get an invitation for a couple if you’d like to go on a threesome. If you and your partner are searching for bisexual women for threesomes, don’t expect an invite from a single bisexual. You have to make the first move. Some singles respect the fact that you’re in a relationship, and a threesome might just not work for you. There are some singles who are not interested on threesome dating too so don’t get offended if you get a no.

  • There are some bisexual women looking for serious relationships.

Contrary to popular belief that these bisexual dating sites are all about sexual fantasies fulfilled, some bisexual women on these sites are actually looking for someone who they can have a serious relationship with. After all, this is the perfect platform for them to find someone with the same interests as them.