TOP 5 Destinations for Bisexual Travelers

When it is that time of year to take a holiday, few want to go somewhere that is oppressive and where you’re not allowed to be yourself. As Bisexuals, we tend to have certain requirements when we go on holidays, such as not going to jail if we decide to engage in a little same-sex fun! So we’ve compiled this list of our favorite spots that you should consider when you’re booking your next big adventure!

San Francisco

San FranciscoSan Francisco has a rich history when it comes to the LGBTQ Community, in fact it elected the first openly gay official (Harvey Milk). The City has plenty of sights and a ton of fine dining options as well! The nightlife in San Francisco is by far the best for the Bisexual Community, weather as a single or a couple!

If you’re hitting up California, San Francisco is a must! You’ll meet some great people there and most of all they’re very open minded. You won’t regret going on a trip to San Francisco, which is commonly referred to as “The LGBTQ Capital” of the world! Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Trans, and Queers have created an environment that makes it well known that any kind of phobia is unwelcome in this city! With the Pride Flag on almost every corner, you’ll feel a level of freedom unrivaled by any other place in the world!

San Francisco’s LGBTQ hottest district is The Castro, which can be described as the epicenter of American LGBTQ Culture! When out and about, check out The Black Bird! This bar draws the most diverse crowd and is located in the heart of The Castro! San Francisco also of course offers some icon sights, such as The Golden Gate Bridge, and amazing beaches for those who love the sun!


AmsterdamWe couldn’t make a list without including this city! Not only does it boast a rather large LGBTQ Community, but it is THE most famous sex city on the globe. In Amsterdam, sex sells and that means any kind of sex, which is a great place for all you bi curious men and women out there! Legalized prostitution has brought tourist to the area since its inception and it is a great place to explore your own curiosities!

The city has over 100 LGBTQ bars, clubs, sex shops, and cafes. With so many options, you can find something for what ever your flavor from vanilla to WILD and RAUNCHY! Amsterdam is the most sex positive city in Europe, and possibly the world. We definitely suggest taking a trip here, even just for a peep, or one of their famous peep shows in their Red Light District!

On a side note, Amsterdam is also known for another one of its vices. Amsterdam was the first country to legalize marijuana and that also may be one more pro on your list when considering this destination!


BritainAlright, we know that this isn’t a city, but there are a few here that are worth mentioning. While Britain isn’t as LGBTQ Friendly as such places as San Francisco it does have some contenders.These cities all try to take the crown on being the LGBTQ Capitals of Britain! London, Brighton, Hove and Manchester are all on the list for their welcoming environments!

Brighton was considered the first gay capital of Britain, having a large LGBTQ population. There is an annual August Gay Pride Parade, which is a carnival style celebration that attracts thousands of visitors. If you do happen to visit Brighton, make sure to hit up “Kemptown,” which is a small gay village!

London of course is a world known city, and with that comes a level of diversity. While London doesn’t have the same level of pride that Brighton has to offer, it does have SoHo! SoHo has many boutiques, eateries, and quite an amazing nightlife that caters to the LGBTQ Community!

Manchester, yes as in Manchester United, has a great deal of multicultural diversity. It boast a LGBTQ scene to be proud of as well. Since the 1940s, Canal Street has been a frequent spot for those in the community and now has Britain’s first Gay Supermarket! Each weekend around 20,000 visitors frequent the clubs in the area! Definitely worth a visit!

Rio De Janerio

Rio De JanerioNo list could be complete without Rio, which boast the world’s largest LGBTQ Pride Parade in the world! This Brazilian City makes Mardi Gras look like a Christian Vacation Bible School! Travelers who love to party, will love this city and you’ll quickly realize that this city doesn’t sleep!

The Pride Celebration last for 4 daysduring the summer and you will undoubtedly be dazzled by multiple drag queens! In fact the Banda de Ipanema is a parade just for drag queens.

Although Gay Marriage has been legalized in Brazil for some time now, it is advised to always be on your guard while out of the public sphere. Crime, especially against tourist, is still a major problem in the county. And although Rio is a very friendly area, when you venture out into the more rural parts of the country the level of acceptance lowers!

Gran Canaria

Gran CanariaGran Canaria is a gay paradise! If you love the sun, salt water, and shopping then this island can keep you occupied all day! Gran Canaria is part of the Spanish Canary Islands, and as you would expect it is liberal and very understanding.  With kilometers of beautiful blonde sanded beaches to get your tan on and amazing scenery of mountains, lakes, and forest the only struggle you will have is choosing what to do first!

One of the best parts, especially for you shoppers, is that Gran Canaria is a duty free country! Which means you can shop to your hearts desire. The majority of LGBTQ shops and activities are around Campo International or Playa del Ingles, with Gay-Specific Beaches and even a nudist beach section located beside it! You’ll quickly realize which shops are “friendly” as the Pride Flag can be found outside numerous establishments!