Things To Consider If You’re Straight and Dating with Bisexual

things to consider

Just how does it change things up when you’re straight and you’re dating someone who is bisexual? Does it make a difference? Should you be concerned about anything?

These are good questions. There may not be a ton of bisexual singles out there, but you are seeing more of them pop up these days. There are also plenty of online dating sites now that cater to both the straight and bisexual crowd. But regardless if you’re new to the topic of dating a bisexual or you’re a pro, there are some things to consider before jumping in the dating game.

Don’t judge

There are some people out there that think that just because someone is bisexual, that they are attracted to everyone and sleep around. This is not true. Sure, there are some that do, but there are also plenty of straight people who sleep around. Know that just because someone can swing both ways does not mean they don’t have morals, values, and boundaries.  Give them the benefit of the doubt and if they are interested in you, believe that it’s just YOU they’re interested in. In other words, don’t make assumptions.

Bisexuals tend to like monogamy

Just because someone is bisexual does not mean that they engage in polyamory. Bisexuals enjoy having a relationship with just one person at a time just like heterosexuals. If you’re concerned about the bisexual person that you’re dating, simply be honest with them and have an open conversation. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions regarding their sexuality and preferences. It’s best to do this in the very beginning of the dating period, so that you know exactly what to expect from them later. If you shy away from questions, you may be in for heartbreak later when they tell you they are interested in dating someone else too.

Bisexuals are not confused

Granted, some bisexuals may be confused about their sexual preferences, but many of them are not. They simply enjoy being with both a man and a woman. They are more attracted to the souls of a person rather than body parts. So, if you’re interested in bisexual singles, go in with the attitude that they are simply open-minded individuals who enjoy intimacy with a male or female. Take the focus off their preferences and simply enjoy their company.

Beware of jealousy

Jealousy can pop up in any relationship, but the opportunity for it to rise when you’re dating a bisexual can be double. This means that you don’t only have to worry about your partner falling for a man, but also a woman. For example, if you’re a woman, and you’re dating a woman who is bisexual, you may become jealous of the women and men in her life. You may worry that she’ll become attracted to either sex, and this can ultimately bring harm to your relationship. Understand that just because someone is bisexual doesn’t mean they can’t have boundaries when it comes to men or women. They can remain friends with both sexes, just like you can. So, if you’re seeing jealousy pop up in your life, do your best not to point fingers at your partner, but rather take a look at your own insecurities. Should jealousy begin to ruin things, consider seeing a professional counselor or relationship coach to get to the root of the issue.

Don’t fret

bisexuals datingAlright, so let’s say dating with bisexual crowds, and there’s part of you that’s paranoid that your date is just going through a phase and will dump you at any moment. If you’re straight and he or she is interested in you, it very well could be that they want to date you because they think you’re pretty amazing. It isn’t necessarily a phase, so refrain from fretting over this. As in any relationship, the other person could change his or her mind. There are many factors that are involved in whether they will stay interested or committed to you. Therefore, believe the best and stay out of your head. Be emotionally present, have fun with your date, and believe the best.  What you think matters!

Ask questions

As with any person you’re dating, don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re dating a bisexual single. If you wonder about their history dating men or women, simply ask them. Let them be open with you, resisting the urge to judge them no matter what they say. If they prefer men over women, but are willing to be with both sexes, let this be alright with you. If they think being with women has more advantages over men (and you’re a man), don’t take a personal. You have your views as a straight person, and your views and preferences are great with you, so don’t put judgment on others who may differ.

Check out the many resources

If you’re straight and interested in dating bisexual singles, get to know the various resources out there for the niche. There are plenty of online dating sites that cater to the bisexual crowd, as well as various other crowds too. There are also plenty of books and resources for free online that you can peruse to get more familiar with the topic. Spend some time learning how you can continue to be at your best whether you’re dating bisexual singles or straight singles.

Dating a straight person or a bisexual person can be a wonderful experience. Of course, there are dates that turn out to be amazing, and some not so amazing, but in and through it all, you can learn valuable lessons about yourself, others, love, and life. Seek to keep a positive attitude regardless of how your dates turn out, knowing that your soul mate is out there and they’re seeking you too!  Enjoy the dating scene, keeping an open mind and doing your best to present your best self to others.

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