Proud to Be Bisexual – Enjoy Bisexual Lifestyle

proud to be bisexualAlthough many might not feel like it in our society, the reality is that being bisexual is really nice, and dating is more exciting than ever nowadays, with so many people actually realizing that they are bi or bi-curious. This is what has managed to make bi dating such a thing nowadays, and even though the society still doesn’t agree with bisexuals, the reality is that you need to be proud of what you do and who you are.

Before you accept being a bisexual you must first feel like being one. There are plenty of bisexual singles out there, and it’s up to you to engage in bisexual group as long as you are sure that you are one of them. If you come out like a bisexual, it can be hard to change your orientation in front of others, so be certain!

If someone does try to judge you or you are just teased with the idea that dating is not okay, you always have to respond that love is genderless and that’s who you are, if they want to accept you okay, if not, then that’s okay too. If you want to be proud of your orientation, then always be certain in regards to what you feel and your ideas.

Always remember that bisexual relationship is a thing of beauty, so just have confidence and don’t care what others have to say about you. Phobias for bisexuals can be found just about everywhere, so don’t try and judge everyone, instead focus on who you are and make yourself feel better, the bi love awaits you.

As a proud bisexual, you will need to create your own image and then be true to yourself. The main idea when you dating with bisexual is that you have to be yourself and avoid stereotypes, because being yourself is what will attract bisexual singles towards you, and that’s something you will appreciate for sure.

As a proud bisexual, you will need to be honest to your partner as well. Some bisexuals like to experiment on the side, but if you want your relationship to be successful, then it’s important to talk with your partner at all times. Remember, dating is based on trust, and you need to focus on that at all times.

Proud bisexuals need to know that gender preferences tend to come and go, so the main idea here is that you need to stay true to what you think and engage in dating with what you feel at that particular moment. All proud bisexuals need to think about the moment and love what they do, because only this way they will be able to obtain astounding results!

Bisexuality can be so much fun, so always stay true to yourself and engage dating activities with curiosity and respect for the partner, because only good things can come out of it!


TOP 6 Biggest Misconceptions About Bisexual Relationships


Bisexual dating, like gay and trans dating, comes with numerous misconceptions and labels by the society which aren’t necessarily true.Sadly, most people are quick to judge others and jump into conclusions based on what society deems normal or not. The misconceptions below have followed bisexual dating for ages and need to be debunked as they are not accurate for all those engaging in bisexual dating. Here are the top 6:



No 1: Bisexuals date multiple people at the same time or can’t be loyal.

Probably the biggest misconception about bisexuals and bisexual dating in general is that they are promiscuous, cheaters, and can’t be with only one partner at the same time. However, the truth is that there are many bisexual couples who have been in committed relationships for years and even gotten married if the state has allowed them to do so. Bisexual relationships, just like any type of relationship have the potential to last anywhere from a few weeks to several years and even a lifetime. Just because someone likes to date both genders, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to find their life partner or soulmate and date multiple people at the same time till they do.


No 2: Bisexual relationships need more work than the rest.

Bisexual connections can be truly challenging, but not necessarily more challenging than regular relationships. Every relationship needs a good amount of work, energy, and compromise to last. The other partner for obvious reasons, has to be on the same page and share some things in common with you. There are many factors that make any relationship last or fail and it’s up to both of people to make it work, regardless of their sexual orientation in most cases. Provided that the other person is openly bisexual like you and you aren’t hiding the fact that you are bisexual, you will have to face the same relationships ups and downs like the rest of people. Just because both of you are bisexual, it doesn’t mean that you have to put an extra amount of effort to make your relationship work.


No 3: Bisexual relationships are all about sex.

While it’s true that a small portion of bisexual relationships are only casual and short-lasting, this applies to straight and gay relationships as well. While sex is an integral part of any relationship, bisexuals don’t connect with each other always and exclusively for sex. In fact, many bisexuals can share deep loving bonds and experience all the depths of a real and serious relationship that go beyond physical intimacy. Sex isn’t the only motivating factor for a bisexual to connect with another person. Just like the rest of people, the need for true love and deep connections is evident and makes a good reason to start a new relationship with another person.


No 4: Bisexual communities are very hard to find.

bisexual datingThis was somewhat true a few decades ago where bisexual and gay lifestyles were heavily considered to be a taboo by the society or a promiscuous sin against God and the Christian religion. Bisexuals for ages had to remain silent and hide their sexual orientation but this isn’t true any longer, at least in the modern civilised western world. In the U.S alone, there are over 50 official bisexual organisations and clubs in multiple states (according to and actual numbers together with online communities and unofficial or local town/city bisexual clubs are estimated to be much more. In some conservative states like Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma, official bisexual communities are bit scarce but there are many national websites and exclusive bisexual dating sites which make meetings much easier. So even if you don’t find anything official, there is agodo chance you’ll find an online group in your area to meet other like-minded people.

Similar bisexual communities are also found in other countries and especially UK, Europe, Australia, and in some parts of Asia which are more open than the rest.


No 5: Bisexual couples are just going through a phase of experimentation

.Another common misconception about bisexual couples is that they are just going through a short phase or just want to experiment before they figure out their actual preferences. While this is may be true for bi-curious people who have previously followed heterosexual lifestyles and just want to try something different, for true bisexuals who have been like that from a very young age, this isn’t true at all. Just because bisexuals date both sexes, it doesn’t mean that they are only experimenting and will ultimately decide to be gay or go back to being heterosexual. Perhaps, a small portion does, but the majority of bisexuals who were grown up with this sexual orientation doesn’t.


No 6: Bisexuals date because it’s fashionable and to show off they are different.

The rise of heterosexual young people for example girls who kiss with each other out in a club to draw the attention of males or because it’s something different, has added fuel to this myth. Plus, famous bisexual people who weren’t always bisexual like Cynthia Nixon haven’t helped this misconception at all. Young people especially tend to do things that are considered “fashionable” because they crave attention, and that includes engaging in seemingly bisexual behavior. This isn’t a true bisexual lifestyle, it’s just a few moments or poses to draw attention from others. Real bisexuals don’t do this because it’s modern, attention-seeking, or fashionable–it’s because they have felt this way since they were really young and this hasn’t changed over the years, it has been something natural for them.

So next time you hear these misconceptions and stereotypes about bisexuals from other people, take a few moments to explain that these aren’t necessarily true. People need to be aware that these are just stereotypes that do not reflect every member of the bisexual population. This will also encourage people to be more open and confident about their sexual preferences.


Three Most Susceptible Diseases for Bisexuals

susceptible diseasesBisexuals are susceptible to a wide array of sexually transmitted diseases. Bisexual couples live with the heavy burden of social stigma, which can lead to depression and anxiety. Having sex with both men and women also poses unique problems when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS and Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

Depression and Anxiety

Bisexual men and women report higher rates of depression and anxiety than heterosexuals. This can be caused by a variety of factors like social stigma, rejection of family members, and psychological abuse by their friends and family.

Another reason bisexuals are more susceptible to depression and anxiety is due to the lack of health insurance. Psychotherapy is an expensive, yet effective treatment for depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, this type of treatment is very difficult to obtain for bisexual couples who don’t have health insurance.

Bisexual sex hookup can be another cause for concern when it comes to the health and well-being of bisexuals. Dating both men and women carry a stigma that can weigh on a person’s mind and lead to depressive and anxious tendencies.


Bisexuals are more severely affected by HIV/AIDS than any other demographic in the United States. Although diagnoses have declined over the last ten years, HIV/AIDS is still a danger to bisexual couples. It is recommended that bisexual couples get tested at least once per year for HIV/AIDS. This disease is incurable and can have a devastating effect on one’s health and well-being. People with HIV/AIDS may experience pain in the abdomen, a dry cough, sore or swelling in the groin, and difficulty swallowing.

Bisexual dating can be difficult, but it’s important to be open and honest with your partner about any Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) you may have and to ask them whether or not they have any STDs.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

HPVHPV is the most widespread sexually transmitted virus in the United States. It is a chronic disease spread by sexual contact. It can last for many years, or for one’s entire life. HPV is cause for concern for those who are bi-dating because it infects both men and women at essentially the same rate. Men with HPV will notice warts on their penis, scrotum, and anus or in the back of their throat. Women with HPV are at high risk of contracting cervical cancer.

It’s important for anyone who’s planning a bisexual hookup to consider all the risks associated with having unprotected sex. HPV can be prevented by the use of condoms during sex. It is highly recommended that bisexual couples get vaccinated for HPV. Vaccines are approved for men and women through the age of 26.

In Conclusion

Bi sex activities put people at risk for many health concerns. HPV, HIV/AIDS, and Depression/Anxiety can make life very difficult for bisexual couples. It’s important to be open and honest with your partner about any STDs you may have, and about your feelings.


Please Stay Positive When You’re Serious About Bisexual Dating

stay positiveIs it possible that your negativity can be affecting your chances to having quality bisexual dates? You may be serious about dating but you should always remain positive. Remember that positive people attractive other positive people. You don’t want to have a frown on your face and attract a negative person.

It may take time and some focus to treat your bisexual dating experiences as fun and exciting. But remember that there’s no point if you’re not having fun. Here are some tips to help you to stay on track.

  1. Smile. If you’re at a bisexual mixer event, remember to smile. Get yourself into the middle of the action, and never be a person who stands in the corner, hoping no one will ever notice them. If you’re where the crowd is and smiling, people will automatically talk to you. And if you’re a little bit nervous, remember that you don’t always need to be chattering to have a good time. People are attracted to good listeners too.
  1. Avoid politics. This may be a given, but 2016 has been a big year for politics. It’s best to steer clear of these topics. Sure, you may care which party your future spouse will be in, but does it really matter for a bisexual singles date or a bi couples date where you won’t ever see them again? Not so much. Remember to have your phrase ready, “I’m not talking about politics this weekend,” or some other similar brush off.
  1. bi datingSign up for a bisexual website. A bisexual website is where you’ll be able to meet other people such as yourself. You can date in either direction, but you’d prefer to date others who are also understanding. You’ll also have more opportunities for more quality dates with a singles site. A singles site is akin to an introduction, but that one step has been taken away, so you can simply arrange your dates.
  1. Move on. Have you met someone, but partway through the date you’ve realized that you’re not attracted to them, or something about them is raising flags? Politely let them know and move on. Don’t dwell on the bad. Forget those crappy dates and remember the positive ones. In fact, you may just wish to reconnect with some great past hookups. You never know when it may turn into something more.
  1. Take a break. There may be times when you feel like giving up on dating. There’s no reason why you can’t take a break. You can be single if you wish.

It can be a challenge to always remain positive, particularly when you have other worries, such as health, finance, family, and work. Don’t beat yourself up if you get off track. The next morning, give yourself a gift, smile, and think about how the day will be so much better, as it’s the day that you get to meet some other cool bisexual people for a coffee date.

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Keys to Maintain Bisexual Couple Relationship

bisexual relationshipCouples are still couples, even if they are bisexuals, so it is normal for issues to appear now and then. But the biggest challenge is to keep troubles away and minimize them as much as possible, for a relationship both parties will enjoy. So yes, couple problems may be a bit more different in the case of bisexual couples, but they can also be solved. If you are involved in such a couple or had a few bisexual relationships that failed and never understood why, here are some things that may help you. Have in mind that two are involved in a tango dance, meaning that you cannot be selfish and also think about the other, but you can’t disregard your wishes either.

  1. Health

Always put health in the first place. Without it, none of us can enjoy life. And if we think that most bisexual couples get together out of the desire to have a more intriguing intimate life, we must also be aware of safety. Choose to be protected and go through period medical checks. Try to encourage your partner to do so as well, for your sake and the sake of everybody else. If one of you is ill and will put the well-being of the other in danger, it could definitely be something that will ruin your relationship.

  1. Respect

bisexual couplesIn a relationship, even if it is made out of bisexual singles, respect should not miss. You should respect the opinions of your partner and not let him do things he or she does not enjoy. And these things should go the other way around, and you shouldn’t be put in a position in which you are not comfortable, by doing something you don’t like. If you want to enjoy a successful bisexual dating, you should learn to respect and tolerate your partner, and receive the same thing back.

  1. Confident

All right, so we all want to have some fun, but watch out for the thin line between fun and being used. Never underestimate yourself and do not allow your partner to use you. If you find yourself in the situation of doing something you don’t like, remember that you don’t have to do it. Tell your partner that you are not comfortable with it and if he or she insists, don’t let yourself be drawn into their game. It is okay to want to please them, but do not let them turn you into a “sex toy”. You should always do only what you like and feel comfortable about.

  1. Sometimes, it is just about sex.

Sometimes, bisexual will leave their partners, because they want to have something steady for a while in their personal life. But there comes a time when things will end because you or your partner will want to explore more. So it is always best to keep a certain degree of distance and independence from your partner, not to suffer when something like this happens.

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5 Kinds of Best Partners for Bisexuals

bisexual loveAre you a bisexual and always looked for bisexuals only to be your partners? Well, you should know that you should limit only to finding people with the same sexual orientation as you. The best part about being a bisexual is the diversity you can enjoy. You just need to be open-minded and embrace this lifestyle and find people that have the same way of life, not necessarily to be a declared bisexual. Thus, bisexual couples can be formed out of people that are not precisely bisexuals, but have a similar conception when it comes to making their choices concerning their personal life. Here are 5 types of partners which can be perfect for bisexuals.

  1. Bisexuals

Well, it is obvious that this will be the first choice for the majority of bisexuals. They are the ones that will always understand the way you live and your vision since they share the same ideas with you. Still, that doesn’t mean you will match with any bisexual you will meet. Bisexuals are still humans, and they do have different personalities, so nothing changes here. Many bisexuals will try to find other bisexuals as partners, maybe also from the desire not to find someone that might refuse them or misunderstand them.

  1. Bi-curious

The bi-curious people can be great partners for the bisexuals. They may not be that engaged in the whole bisexual things, since they are still experimenting, trying to figure out their real personality. But there are excellent chances for things to go well if two persons resonate on the same wavelength. There are bisexual couples made out of a bisexual and a bi-curious since the latest was made to realize that this lifestyle fits like a glove.

  1. Straight, who respects your sexual orientation

As mentioned before, bisexuals have an advantage of accepting both sexes. So it is easy to find a partner that is straight but has nothing against your sexual orientation. For instance, bisexual women can find as a partner a straight man, which will respect their sexual orientation. In the case of women, men will often find as sexy to see two women together, so he may have nothing against knowing that his partner is a bisexual woman.

  1. Homosexual, who respects your sexual orientation

This case can be very similar with the one of having a straight partner. If straight couples have partners of opposite sex, homosexual couples have partners of the same sex. The bisexuals have only to win out of this because they can have partners from both genders. Just make sure your partners is aware of your sexual orientation and accepts it, to avoid troubles in the couple in the future.

  1. Persons who would like to join a threesome with you

Threesome LoveIf you are not looking for a long term relationship, as a bisexual, you can always have fun with the persons that are looking for find new experiences, like a threesome. You either know people that are open to experimenting such things, or you find a threesome dating site, the point is that there are many people that are willing to try this, as least once in their lifetime. But who knows, an adventure may be the beginning of a beautiful relationship if that person starts enjoying the bisexual lifestyle and you find to have things in common.



5 Topics to Avoid If You Choose to Date a Bi

topics to avoidBisexuals usually endure disrespectful remarks from straight and gay people because of a common misconception that they are indecisive. However, this is far from the truth, and if you decide to date a bisexual, it is important to respect their sex orientation without forcing them to make a choice. It is important to note that bisexuals can commit to a relationship, the same way straight and gay people can. Therefore, if you choose to follow the bisexual dating path, steer away from the following topics because they will be disrespectful to your partner.

Gender Preference

When you start dating with bisexual, your focus should on making the relationship work and not finding out about your partner’s gender preference. The basic component of any relationship is respect and, therefore, asking your partner about his/her sexual preference, it is disrespectful. Please remember that the person you are dating wants to be with you because of your personality, and not your sexual orientation.

Sexual Orientation

bisexual women datingLike mentioned earlier, bisexual usually face discrimination because most people do not understand them. A significant number of people assume that bisexuals are gay people who are yet to make up their mind. Therefore, when you start a relationship with bisexuals, you should have a clear understanding of the sex orientation and bringing up sexual orientation topic in hope changing them is disrespectful.


Just because someone is a bisexual does not mean that the person will just date anyone who is interested in dating. Bisexual have standards and, and as previously mentioned, they make their choices based of a person’s character. Therefore, if you are interested in dating bisexual women, please respect them and know that they are faithful, and you can trust them. Starting a cheating topic will insinuate that you have a low level of trust.

The Past

If you choose to date a bisexual, it is unfair to try to dig about the past. It is actually disrespectful when you ask your partner about his or her dating history. Bisexual relationship is not easy to maintain, especially when one partner do not appreciate the sexual orientation of the bisexual partner. When you ask about someone’s past, you imply that you want to know where his or her preference lies. The past relationships should stay in the past.

Referring to them Straight or Gay

Bisexuals are bisexual and not straight or gay. The misconception occurs mostly to bisexual women.  If you are dating a bisexual girl, avoid referring to her as a lesbian or a straight girl. She is simply a bisexual. Constantly referring to her a lesbian is mistaking her for something she is not. A relationship should have a foundation of understanding and acceptance. You have to be comfortable with her orientation and identify her with it.


How to Protect Bisexuals from STDs

no stdsSexual health is important to our world, and it is in the interest of mankind to promote safe sex practices in order to preserve our common humanity and put the spread of diseases in check. The majority of people across the globe are sexually active or likely to have family members or acquaintances that are in different coloration of relationships. It is common to find bisexual couples and people disposed to bisexual hookup around the world.

Media Campaign

An ancient proverb says “light the candle and drive darkness away’’. Bisexual people like the rest of mankind, are susceptible to infectious diseases, and they need to know that holding on to safe practices can preserve their lives.

According to a Brown University report, bisexuals have a higher risk of STD’s infection than heterosexuals as a result of the proven likelihood of substance and alcohol abuse. A sustained media campaign must be encouraged to keep heightened levels of awareness of safe sexual practices in the society. Bisexual hookups can become safer with such enlightenment.

Better Society Support

safe bisexual sexMany research reports show that bisexuals are prone to substance dependency and tobacco abuse which in turn have the tendency to obscure their sense of judgment. This acquired behavior is a catalyst for risky sexual practices and failure to uphold the tenets of safe sex. Social and behavioral therapy centers should be funded to provide the needed support for bisexual couples and people involved in bisexual sex activities.

More people can get off drugs when there is a social support system to help win them over and restore rational behavior. However other causative factors might need better handling for any approach to be productive in the long run.

Sustained Distribution of Anti-retroviral and Contraceptives

The promotion of the use of condoms should be sustained and brought to the fore in disadvantaged communities where such irrational behavior and drug use might be higher. Access to anti-retroviral should be made as easy as possible so that bisexuals can have access to them for preventive application. The use of the drug -Truvada was approved earlier in the year by World Health Organization as a PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and should be encouraged among bisexual couples and people with poorer access or resources.

The world has faced up to the reality that individual sexual preferences will remain varied with people holding on to what they feel is best for them. The preponderance of programs like the Planned Parenthood Federation and other charitable organizations in many communities and locations has helped to promote the message of safe sex. They have helped to override some stereotypes in their operational areas and provide enlightenment on healthy sexual practices among the bisexual.


Bisexual Dating Site – Review

Top 5 : – 

bisexualplaygroundStar Rating of Reviewer :

star star star  Chances of Dating a Bi

star star     Protect Privacy

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Incepted in 2002, was one of the first dating sites to have explored the bisexual dating territory. Despite facing stiff competition from several other sites, this site has managed to hold its position, thanks to the extensive set of features as well as user – friendliness. As the website is accessible for users from across the globe, it has a healthy membership base, which makes it easier for users to make friends or connections.


Why is BiCupid Top 1?

With a staggering membership base of over 760,000 users from all over the world, the website had been the second largest bisexual dating site (as BiCupid is the Top 1)  in the past but is now losing its sheen mainly because of its obsolete user interface and lack of state of the art options that are available in modern websites. This is why it couldn’t make it to the top 3 in our list of the best niche dating sites.

Nevertheless, the website boasts of a very active forum section that is abuzz with activity throughout the year. Most of the members belong to the 35 – 60 age brackets. The website allows uploading of nude pictures, which makes this site more open and casual in approach compared to other websites.

Subscription Charges is absolutely free to join. You can also access the basic feature set and make genuine connections on this site. However, premium membership and add-ons would be required if you wish to use all the features that this site has in store. The details are mentioned below:

  • 1 month subscription: $20
  • 3 month subscription: $13.33 per month; billed as a single payment of $40
  • 6 month subscription: $10 per month; billed as a single payment of $60
  • 12 month subscription: $6.67 per month; billed as a single payment of $80 reserves the right to make changes to subscription policies without notice. Check the official page before upgrading.

Characteristic Features

  • The website is absolutely free to join.
  • Users can create a comprehensive profile, complete with their personal information, pictures and qualities they’re looking for in a potential partner.
  • Sports an advanced search algorithm, that allows users to initiate a search based on a host of parameters.
  • View high quality and full screen pictures of other users.
  • Browse through profiles of other users and determine if they match your needs and tastes.
  • Read forum posts and share your opinions with other like – minded people from across the globe.
  • Connect with others by using the built – in email client. Alternatively, you’d also be able to send instant messaging invites to those whom you wish to interact with in real time.
  • Check out the testimonials section and seek inspiration from those that have managed to find a life companion through this site.
  • Around the clock customer support that can help you learn about the best ways of finding a match here.

Becoming a member and designing a profile

Signing up with this site is absolutely charge – free. However, there are subscription options available for those looking to use all the available features. The process of designing an extensive profile is self – explanatory and quick. Nevertheless the process looks old and boring compared some of the newer bisexual websites that have evolved over the years. Nonetheless, the process still requires you to furnish quite a lot of information pertaining to you as well as your prospective partner.

The Pros

First of all, the website has a decent membership base comprising of bisexual people from across the globe. Moreover, with the kind of search and communication options that it brings to the table, finding and communication with like – minded people is very easy.

The Cons

BisexualPlayground is going to meet its end because of a lack of updating when it comes to UE (User Experiences).

Compare to BiCupid:

  • It has a slower system.
  • It has a challenged homepage design.
  • The backward verification system makes more scammers.
  • There is no mobile web and mobile app in

However, the bisexual dating website is very obsolete and lacks the X – factor that you’re likely to find in most modern bisexual dating sites.


There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that is packed with features to the brim. However, when you compare it with all the modern bi dating websites, the site seems to lack the punch and would appeal to the younger audiences. This is exactly why most users on this site belong to the 35-60 age groups. The customer support cell is highly efficient and users certainly wouldn’t face any issues learning to use the website.

The chat options as well as the forums that are pretty active add to the convenience and give another opportunity to connect with a larger membership base. The search options too are great at filtering undesired results. We only hope that the makers of this site include more search parameters as that would help in filtering better.

All in all, has this site been a little better looking, it would have certainly been among the top 3 bisexual dating sites on our list. Nevertheless, the site is still good for those new to the idea of online dating and living on a shoe-string budget.

But when it comes to healthy bisexual chat and stable bisexual relationship, BiCupid is always the first choice.

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4 Rules to Observe When Seeking Bisexual Websites

bisexual dating rulesBeing in a relationship requires commitment and dedication. The online dating service has provided a platform where people can find love and be in relationship. There are countless online dating sites for bisexual where you can find love and share your experience with other bisexuals. Nevertheless, there are dating guides that you should adhere to in order to avoid getting hurt and hurting another person. If you find yourself in one of the bisexual websites, observe the following rules.

Do not pretend to be Bisexual if you are straight

Bi dating is restricted for people who are bisexual or bi curious. If you are a straight person (you are only attracted to people who have the opposite sex), you have no business surfing through a dating site for bi. Well, you can, but do not pretend to be a bisexual (people who are attracted to both male and female). Here we will define these words so that you are able to evaluate yourself and know where you belong. In this case, if you know that you are a straight person, do not trample on other people’s feelings – Because there is high probability that when you get to a dating site, you will not know to relate with them on a relationship level. Only the wearer of the shoe knows where it pinches.

Do not claim to be Bisexual if you are Just Bi-Curious

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back to life. I know the phrase justifies curiosity, because of the rewarding satisfaction. However, you should not pretend to be a bi sexual if you are only curious. Curiosity is a very strong urge; it is, in fact, irresistible to some extent. As a bi-curious, when you are just surfing on the Internet, and you come across bisexual websites, and you actually forget whatever you were looking for and decide to find out what will happen in there. The bisexual singles and couples you find on that dating site are searching for real love. Do not ruin their chances by pretending to be one of them just to satisfy your curiosity.

Do not create an Account of A Couple if Your Partner is not comfortable with it

If you are a couple, it is important to get the consent of your partner first before creating an account in any of the dating sites. Each partner should play a role in making the relationship work. People have different preferences and if your partner does not want to be on a dating site, please do not drag him or her to the site. Creating an account without your partners consent can strain your relationship, and it is wise to cherish what you have.

A Photo with a Face is  more effective than a Pic of Sexy Body

A picture is worth a thousand words. If I may add, a friendly face can attract serious people in a dating site, who will want to learn more about you.  Relationship is built on character. In as much as a sexy body will draw attention, friendly character is what will make you approachable.