4 Rules to Observe When Seeking Bisexual Websites

bisexual dating rulesBeing in a relationship requires commitment and dedication. The online dating service has provided a platform where people can find love and be in relationship. There are countless online dating sites for bisexual where you can find love and share your experience with other bisexuals. Nevertheless, there are dating guides that you should adhere to in order to avoid getting hurt and hurting another person. If you find yourself in one of the bisexual websites, observe the following rules.

Do not pretend to be Bisexual if you are straight

Bi dating is restricted for people who are bisexual or bi curious. If you are a straight person (you are only attracted to people who have the opposite sex), you have no business surfing through a dating site for bi. Well, you can, but do not pretend to be a bisexual (people who are attracted to both male and female). Here we will define these words so that you are able to evaluate yourself and know where you belong. In this case, if you know that you are a straight person, do not trample on other people’s feelings – Because there is high probability that when you get to a dating site, you will not know to relate with them on a relationship level. Only the wearer of the shoe knows where it pinches.

Do not claim to be Bisexual if you are Just Bi-Curious

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back to life. I know the phrase justifies curiosity, because of the rewarding satisfaction. However, you should not pretend to be a bi sexual if you are only curious. Curiosity is a very strong urge; it is, in fact, irresistible to some extent. As a bi-curious, when you are just surfing on the Internet, and you come across bisexual websites, and you actually forget whatever you were looking for and decide to find out what will happen in there. The bisexual singles and couples you find on that dating site are searching for real love. Do not ruin their chances by pretending to be one of them just to satisfy your curiosity.

Do not create an Account of A Couple if Your Partner is not comfortable with it

If you are a couple, it is important to get the consent of your partner first before creating an account in any of the dating sites. Each partner should play a role in making the relationship work. People have different preferences and if your partner does not want to be on a dating site, please do not drag him or her to the site. Creating an account without your partners consent can strain your relationship, and it is wise to cherish what you have.

A Photo with a Face is  more effective than a Pic of Sexy Body

A picture is worth a thousand words. If I may add, a friendly face can attract serious people in a dating site, who will want to learn more about you.  Relationship is built on character. In as much as a sexy body will draw attention, friendly character is what will make you approachable.