Dating with a Bisexual – How Does It Feel?

date a bisexual woman

straight man and bisexual woman

The bisexual community is an integral part of the LGBT society. While gays and lesbians have become socially acceptable in most parts of the world, it has been noticed that bisexuals find it very difficult to get accepted as part of the culture. Thanks to the myths and misconceptions revolving around bisexuality, a lot of people continue to remain skeptical about their existence and genuineness.
Nevertheless, if you feel that love is beyond social stigma and sexual orientation, there is absolutely nothing wrong in dating a bisexual person. However, while dating such a person you’d need to have a very different mindset and approach towards the relationship. This is how you’re likely to feel if you’re dating bisexuals.

  • A sense of insecurity: Regardless of whether or not you accept this, you’re always worried that the person whom you’re dating might ditch you in favor or a person of the opposite sex. While you’re completely aware of the fact that bisexual like monogamy, you’d still be worried when introducing your partner to your bisexual friends. Nonetheless, over a period of time as you become comfortable with your partner, things would get back to normal and the level of stress would subsequently come down.
  • Having an affair: If you’re straight and are dating a bi, you might be under the impression that the person might have an affair outside the relationship. Bisexuals have the tendency of being attracted to both men and women. However, once they are committed to one person, they don’t loiter around looking for an alternate match. Moreover, a person doesn’t necessarily have to be a bisexual in order to cheat on you.
  • They might look for a chance to spice up their sex life: As a person who isn’t a bisexual or has never dated a bisexual earlier, there is always a fear that their partner might ask for a threesome. There is a misconception that all bisexuals love threesomes and cannot be contented with just one sex partner. As opposed to this, bisexuals are absolutely normal and once they get into a commitment, they stick to one partner. And, by any chance if they’re interested in a threesome they’d make sure you are comfortable with it before taking this extreme step.
  • They are absolutely normal: If this is your first relationship with a bisexual person, you’d realize that all the things that you had earlier heard about them are completely false. They don’t cheat, not inclined to threesomes and are no different than others. Just because they’re attracted to both the sexes, doesn’t mean that they swing both ways to get their desires quenched.