5 Questions that You Should Stop Asking to Bisexuals

Bisexual WomenWhile the world has been fighting and striving to achieve equal rights, the bisexual community continues to be ignored and insulted. There are a lot of myths about bisexuals and as a result of this they’re surrounded by speculations. As a matter of fact, some people don’t consider bisexuality as an authentic sexual orientation. When they come across any bisexual person, they are so curious that they cannot stop themselves from asking these questions:

Do you have a lot of threesomes?

For some strange reason bisexuality is associated with insatiable sex-drive and the desire to have orgies with people of both sexes. Just because a person is attracted to both the sexes, it doesn’t mean that you’d find them in bed with men and women at the same time. While there is no doubt about the fact that bisexuals don’t restrict romantic relationships to just one sex, it also doesn’t mean that they’d want everything at the same time.

Are you actually a homosexual?

Bisexuality is a legitimate sexual orientation. Unfortunately, there are many people that accuse bisexuals of using their sexual orientation as a shield to hide their homosexual nature. People like these give a bad reputation to those that are into both the genders. Therefore, if someone tells you that he/she is bisexual, take their word and don’t judge their sexuality.

How do you say that you’re bisexual if you haven’t been in a relationship with a person of the same sex?

When nobody asks such questions to heterosexuals, why ask a bisexual for such explanations. You don’t need to date someone in order to determine whether or not you’re attracted to a certain type of people. If that were the case, the entire process of dating would’ve been very different and in fact, a lot more difficult.

Are you experimenting?

Some people believe that there is nothing as bisexuality and those individuals claiming to be one are those going through a brief phase in life, which would determine their actual sexual preferences. This phrase is absolutely demeaning and insulting to a person who is looking for a genuine relationship with a like – minded individual.

You’ve married a person from another gender? Have to become straight now?

Bisexuals don’t transform. Bisexuals are attracted to both the sexes and choose to get into a commitment with a person whom they genuine like. It eventually comes down to personal preferences. Bisexuals just have more options to choose from and this allows them to opt for a person of either sex depending on who is better.

We hope that this article would clear some of your misconceptions pertaining to bi dating. The next time you come across such a person, make sure you don’t ask such questions.