How to Protect Bisexuals from STDs

no stdsSexual health is important to our world, and it is in the interest of mankind to promote safe sex practices in order to preserve our common humanity and put the spread of diseases in check. The majority of people across the globe are sexually active or likely to have family members or acquaintances that are in different coloration of relationships. It is common to find bisexual couples and people disposed to bisexual hookup around the world.

Media Campaign

An ancient proverb says “light the candle and drive darkness away’’. Bisexual people like the rest of mankind, are susceptible to infectious diseases, and they need to know that holding on to safe practices can preserve their lives.

According to a Brown University report, bisexuals have a higher risk of STD’s infection than heterosexuals as a result of the proven likelihood of substance and alcohol abuse. A sustained media campaign must be encouraged to keep heightened levels of awareness of safe sexual practices in the society. Bisexual hookups can become safer with such enlightenment.

Better Society Support

safe bisexual sexMany research reports show that bisexuals are prone to substance dependency and tobacco abuse which in turn have the tendency to obscure their sense of judgment. This acquired behavior is a catalyst for risky sexual practices and failure to uphold the tenets of safe sex. Social and behavioral therapy centers should be funded to provide the needed support for bisexual couples and people involved in bisexual sex activities.

More people can get off drugs when there is a social support system to help win them over and restore rational behavior. However other causative factors might need better handling for any approach to be productive in the long run.

Sustained Distribution of Anti-retroviral and Contraceptives

The promotion of the use of condoms should be sustained and brought to the fore in disadvantaged communities where such irrational behavior and drug use might be higher. Access to anti-retroviral should be made as easy as possible so that bisexuals can have access to them for preventive application. The use of the drug -Truvada was approved earlier in the year by World Health Organization as a PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and should be encouraged among bisexual couples and people with poorer access or resources.

The world has faced up to the reality that individual sexual preferences will remain varied with people holding on to what they feel is best for them. The preponderance of programs like the Planned Parenthood Federation and other charitable organizations in many communities and locations has helped to promote the message of safe sex. They have helped to override some stereotypes in their operational areas and provide enlightenment on healthy sexual practices among the bisexual.