Tips to Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Bisexual Guy

my boyfriend is biYou’re at a party with friends and come across a really cute guy and start talking with him. In a few days, you realize that you share a sizzling chemistry and start dating. Now, you’re having a great time together but in the midst of this, he confesses about his sexual orientation – he is a bisexual.

You’re completely in to him and would certainly find it extremely difficult to get over him. You’ve made up your mind to continue dating. But, there are a lot of questions that you need an answer to. Is dating a bisexual very different from dating a heterosexual? Read on to find out!

Furthermore, with the rise of dating sites for bi and bi-curious, finding a bisexual to date isn’t a taxing job. Nevertheless, now that you’ve made a wise choice, it is essential that you take the relationship to its climax.

  • Be respectful and open minded: After all, sexuality orientation is a gift. You hardly have your say in this regard. You might feel a little weird asking details about his sexuality. As a matter of fact, sexuality is a very personal subject and you wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.It is essential that you speak to your bisexual guy at the very beginning of the relationship. Before you speak, make sure that he’s aware that it would be a serious conversation and largely concern about your future together. Trying to discuss about your boyfriend’s sexuality while sipping beer at a party wouldn’t make for a meaningful discussion.
  • Regular conversations with your potential match: This is the general rule of dating, regardless of whether you’re dating a straight, bisexual or a homosexual. It is important that you keep an honest and clear line of communication so as to prevent misunderstanding and keep expectations in check.It is also noticed that couples that fail to communicate effectively during the initial stages of a relationship often find themselves surrounded by insecurities.
  • Be ready to face a lot of questions: It goes without saying that you would have to face a lot of questions in case you choose to date a bisexual. A lot of women that have dated a bisexual man said they were pelted with several questions whenever their boyfriends were spotted with gays or other bisexuals?It is worth mentioning that bisexuals too have priorities and are often loyal to their partners. While your friends might question your relationship and raise insecurities, it is important that you don’t pay any heed to those, if you want to relationship to continue.