Do Bisexuals Only Date for Sex?

date for sexIt is true that bisexuals do have different opinions when it comes to sex, but that doesn’t mean they interact only for this purpose. They are human beings after all, and they do seek the companions of persons that have the same beliefs and preferences like them. A bisexual can be a normal person in everyday life, and have a large number of friends, including heterosexuals or of other orientations. But when it comes to dating or developing a more close relationship, it is much more comfortable to find a person with the same perspective over life. Don’t you think?

Bisexuals are mostly people like us that date in the same manner we do. If you date someone, that doesn’t mean you will end up in bed with that person. So the dates they have might be what they’re looking for or not. It is just a date. Some people wish to find someone with whom they can have a reliable and trustful relationship on a long term. Not everything gets down to sex, but it is comforting to know that you are dating someone that has the same expectancies as you do, just in case things might work out. So yes, it is a prejudice to believe that bisexual dating resumes only to having intimate relationships. They are very much entitled to find a compatible person, to share the good and bad in this life.

Still, bi couples may agree to have sexual adventures with other people as well. They have a more relaxed and open minded conception when it comes to intimate relationships. Since they are bisexuals, they prefer both women and men for sexual activities. So it is not unusual for bi couples to engage in a threesome or even swing partners. Having this sexual orientation means right from the start to be different, from the point of view of having more liberal conceptions about sex. In most cases, they look at it as a way of having fun or enjoyment, and not something that will offend their partner. Just take a look on dating sites for bisexual couples or swingers, and you will see the large number of people that allow one another to exploit their sexual preferences freely, even though they might be married.

Such couples claim that this way of living strengthens their relationship and trust and makes them happier together, since they don’t have to hide anything. Of course, jealousy has no place in such a couple since sex is regarded as a mere physical pleasure, without emotional implications. So yes, there are cases when bisexual people do date others for sex, but it is not a general rule. Even straight people date for sex or go out with the purpose of hooking up with someone, for just one night. So why would bisexuals be any different from the rest? Just because they have a different conception of some aspects of life? This is not a very good reason to be judgmental.