Are Bisexuals More Numerous Than People Think?

LGBTOne of the problems when it comes to making a conclusion about bisexuals or the LGBT community is that comprehensive information is hard to come by. This just makes sense. After all, it wasn’t very long ago that bisexuals and LGBT members were ostracized and shunned by the rest of society, simply for being who they are. People were afraid to come out of the closet or admit that they were bi curious. It wasn’t just the fear of being ridiculed at play here. Real consequences back then could include being forced to leave a certain school, rejected by your family, or fired from work. And while the situation has improved, that doesn’t mean that the current situation is already okay.

So the truth is that there are many bisexuals and bi curious individuals in the world today, who keep those facts to themselves. While society-at-large, in many places, no longer reacts as terribly as it used to, it still pays in some ways to keep things low key. But more and more, what is surfacing is the idea that bisexuality is something that is more common than many people realize. Now, there may be a number of reasons for this, but one possible reason is simple curiosity. For far too long, society with its norms and its straitjacketed leaders has proclaimed that men should only seek intimacy with women, and women should only seek intimacy with men. There were no ifs or buts about it.

But as these artificial limitations have continued to erode and come down, more people are asking themselves why they should limit themselves to just the one partner gender. People are curious. Men want to know what it might be like to be intimate with other men, and the same thing is true for women. As bisexuality gains even greater societal acceptance, possibly with greater speed, more people will feel safer about exploring these questions.

So the population of bi curious individuals may be much larger than is commonly considered. People may want to seek partners of the same gender, not because they are necessarily looking for a long-term commitment, but more because they would like to know what all the fuss is about. And for those people who start out curious, and who are able to keep an open mind, they may eventually find themselves comfortable with the knowledge that they are, in fact, bisexual.

The internet will also help bisexual and bi curious communities to grow. Where people are not comfortable discussing things face to face, the online world offers some much-needed and reassuring anonymity. Bisexual dating may begin online, but then make its way into the physical world. Over time, more bisexuals will make that fact known to their friends and family members, and this will then help along the process of even more bisexual individuals coming out.