Are You New to the World of Bisexual Dating? Take These Resources

I remember the first time I had to go into the changing room after physical education classes, the coach told us all to hit the showers. But I hesitated, since I had never been in front of another man naked before, nor anyone as a matter of fact! Some of the guys seemed to do it like it was second nature, while others remained under their towels until the very last minute. I was one of those boys and over the course of the year, my eye did start to wonder. Then I met Alan, he also had a girlfriend that went to school with us, but I could tell Alan like myself was different.

One day we were at one of those wild high school parties and Alan asked me to hold his beer while he relieved himself, but he didn’t turn away. That is when I knew that we both had shared these feelings for sure. That night Alan and I romped around and it was a night that left me both excited and very confused.

Having feelings for people of the same sex can be quite confusing and taxing in today’s society. As men, we’re taught that if you have any feelings for other men, then you are weak; if you have sexual feelings for other men then it is easy to be labeled as gay or shamed for your desires. And as females, coming out as bisexual or bi curious can be overly sexualized in a world already full of cat calls and unwanted attentions.

But the truth is that there are many bisexuals out there and you are not alone! We’ve composed this list of resources for Bi Curious Men and Women out there who have no one to turn to or are just looking to see if joining the broader community is something that interest you! We hope this list helps you find the social, mental courage and it takes to live the truth of yourself!

The Bisexual Resource Center (

bisexual resource center“The Bisexual Resource Center was founded in 1985 by a group of bi activists after a regional conference. First named the East Coast Bisexual Network, it became a 501(c)3 in 1989 and was renamed in the mid-90s. The BRC is the oldest national bi+ organization in the U.S. that advocates for bisexual visibility and raises awareness about bisexuality throughout the LGBT and straight communities.” – Bisexual Resource Center


This organization envisions a world where people are treated as equals regardless of their sexual orientation and gender expression. Often times, the B in LGBTQ is largely ignored or misunderstood. Bisexual Resource Center assists in easing these societal stigmas against bisexuals and bisexual erasure, which is when groups deny the existence of bisexuals. The website even has great recommendations on how to come out as bisexual and blogs from other bisexual activist sharing their successes with the movement for Bi Equality!

The Trevor Project (

trevor projectThe Trevor Project was created to help reduce the suicide rate amongthe LGBTQ population and they have done amazing work at bringing the plights faced by members of the community who are rejected upon coming out as non-heterosexual. The page has many resources from learning what bisexuality is to dating tips for newly out bisexuals.

On their site, they even dive into the hard hitting questions like “ If I have never had sex with someone of the same gender, how do I know that I am Bisexual?” These and more of their resources can be found on their page! It’s definitely worth checking out and they also have volunteering options if you’re into community service!

On a serious note, The Trevor Project maintains a 24/7 hotline for LGBTQ Youth who are suffering from mental health issues or dealing with suicide. You can reach them at +1(866)488-7386, they are completely judgement free and will gladly help you through your crisis! Suicide has been a problem that has plauged the LGBTQ community for years, with increased tensions coming from family, culture, and religion this organization is doing their part in helping bisexuals maintain a constant line of communication!

The LGBT Foundation (

LGBT foundationThe LGBT Foundation is a great Organization that caters to the entire LGBT Community, which as a bisexual you will be part of. It has a complete history of the movement for equal rights for sexual minorities and has plenty of resources for the Bi Community as well! On the site you can find testimonials from other bisexuals and a guide on how to deal with the problems with coming out as bisexual!

This is a definite must if you’re thinking of exploring your sexuality, as it also offers tips on sexual health! The offer information on testing events and even have operations in the United Kingdoms!

When you visit their website you can even find online support groups for Bisexuals! They have year round events posted to the page to if you would like to get some exposure to the bisexual community! Cheers, Mates!

bisexual.orgThis site is all about exposing the world to the wonderful life of Bisexuals!! They have blogs, events, and even a section on celebrities who are bisexual! There are tips on here to help you navigate the feelings you are having as well as a whole section of “The Faces of Bisexuality,” which if you haven’t figured it out can be anyone!

Sites like this do wonders for advocacy and exposure of the Bisexual Movement and helping normalize an already normal human sexuality! They have plenty of opportunities for you to share your questions about being bi curious as well! If you’re trying to take your story to the next level and become a bisexual advocate, I suggest you submit your story! The world will not change if more people don’t speak up!

GLAAD- Bisexual Resource Center (

GLAADThe Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has multiple campaigns and awareness for the Bisexual Community, which according to their website makes up the majority of the LGBTQ Community! GLAAD has been keeping media and publications honest, helping mainstream LGBTQ and Bisexual lifestyles for over a decade.

Their most recent campaign which has a picture featured above is an anti-bully Campaign! This campaign brings awareness of the plight that youth in the community face with homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia!

GLAAD is a non-government media monitoring organized by the LGBT people who work in the media industry, if there is a problem with the way we are being represented in the media or television, GLAAD won’t be far from addressing the issues! They are a must if you’re seeking more information on bisexuals and honest depictions of what it means to be a bisexual!