My First Bisexual Experience with Mature Guy

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bisexual guyThere was a local gay bar in town and one night I was bored and didn’t want to go to a regular bar, so I went to this one.

I was sitting at the bar just talking to a few guys, and the conversation eventually was limited to the guy next to me.

I went to the restroom and just as I unzipped my pants he came up beside me and reached for my c and pulled it out asking if I wanted to go back to his place. Instanteously I was semi hard. I knodded and he left.I finished up and went to pay my tab.

He told me to follow him. In his house he was getting a couple beers in the kitchen, I walked up behind him and when he turned around I dropped to my knees and started to remove his pants. I sucked him till he was hard as a rock.

He then gestured for me to get up and follow him to his bedroom. He had me take off my pants, I was extremely nervous, he told me it was okay to be nervous and to not worry about it. He told me to relax and let him do all the work.

I sat on the edge of the bed and he knelt down in front of me, stroking me. I was slowly getting erect, then he started sucking me and licking me. He stopped and asked if I had ever bottomed before, I said no, he asked if I wanted to, I said yes. By now I was so turned on inside that I was afraid I wouldn’t show it from the outside.

He had me lay back and placed a towel under me, telling me to bend my knees and pull back toward me. He had a bottle of lub on the night stand and a condom. He put the condom on and squirted the lub in his hand, rubbed it up and down the shaft, them squirted more in his hand, then he wiped it on my hole. He leaned into me and told me to take slow deep breaths and try to relax. I felt the tip enter, then he pushed a little more, a little more, till he was completely inside me. He was surprised I didn’t have a problem with it.

The best experience as of yet. I was 27 and he was probably closer to 50.

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