TOP 6 Biggest Misconceptions About Bisexual Relationships


Bisexual dating, like gay and trans dating, comes with numerous misconceptions and labels by the society which aren’t necessarily true.Sadly, most people are quick to judge others and jump into conclusions based on what society deems normal or not. The misconceptions below have followed bisexual dating for ages and need to be debunked as they are not accurate for all those engaging in bisexual dating. Here are the top 6:



No 1: Bisexuals date multiple people at the same time or can’t be loyal.

Probably the biggest misconception about bisexuals and bisexual dating in general is that they are promiscuous, cheaters, and can’t be with only one partner at the same time. However, the truth is that there are many bisexual couples who have been in committed relationships for years and even gotten married if the state has allowed them to do so. Bisexual relationships, just like any type of relationship have the potential to last anywhere from a few weeks to several years and even a lifetime. Just because someone likes to date both genders, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to find their life partner or soulmate and date multiple people at the same time till they do.


No 2: Bisexual relationships need more work than the rest.

Bisexual connections can be truly challenging, but not necessarily more challenging than regular relationships. Every relationship needs a good amount of work, energy, and compromise to last. The other partner for obvious reasons, has to be on the same page and share some things in common with you. There are many factors that make any relationship last or fail and it’s up to both of people to make it work, regardless of their sexual orientation in most cases. Provided that the other person is openly bisexual like you and you aren’t hiding the fact that you are bisexual, you will have to face the same relationships ups and downs like the rest of people. Just because both of you are bisexual, it doesn’t mean that you have to put an extra amount of effort to make your relationship work.


No 3: Bisexual relationships are all about sex.

While it’s true that a small portion of bisexual relationships are only casual and short-lasting, this applies to straight and gay relationships as well. While sex is an integral part of any relationship, bisexuals don’t connect with each other always and exclusively for sex. In fact, many bisexuals can share deep loving bonds and experience all the depths of a real and serious relationship that go beyond physical intimacy. Sex isn’t the only motivating factor for a bisexual to connect with another person. Just like the rest of people, the need for true love and deep connections is evident and makes a good reason to start a new relationship with another person.


No 4: Bisexual communities are very hard to find.

bisexual datingThis was somewhat true a few decades ago where bisexual and gay lifestyles were heavily considered to be a taboo by the society or a promiscuous sin against God and the Christian religion. Bisexuals for ages had to remain silent and hide their sexual orientation but this isn’t true any longer, at least in the modern civilised western world. In the U.S alone, there are over 50 official bisexual organisations and clubs in multiple states (according to and actual numbers together with online communities and unofficial or local town/city bisexual clubs are estimated to be much more. In some conservative states like Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma, official bisexual communities are bit scarce but there are many national websites and exclusive bisexual dating sites which make meetings much easier. So even if you don’t find anything official, there is agodo chance you’ll find an online group in your area to meet other like-minded people.

Similar bisexual communities are also found in other countries and especially UK, Europe, Australia, and in some parts of Asia which are more open than the rest.


No 5: Bisexual couples are just going through a phase of experimentation

.Another common misconception about bisexual couples is that they are just going through a short phase or just want to experiment before they figure out their actual preferences. While this is may be true for bi-curious people who have previously followed heterosexual lifestyles and just want to try something different, for true bisexuals who have been like that from a very young age, this isn’t true at all. Just because bisexuals date both sexes, it doesn’t mean that they are only experimenting and will ultimately decide to be gay or go back to being heterosexual. Perhaps, a small portion does, but the majority of bisexuals who were grown up with this sexual orientation doesn’t.


No 6: Bisexuals date because it’s fashionable and to show off they are different.

The rise of heterosexual young people for example girls who kiss with each other out in a club to draw the attention of males or because it’s something different, has added fuel to this myth. Plus, famous bisexual people who weren’t always bisexual like Cynthia Nixon haven’t helped this misconception at all. Young people especially tend to do things that are considered “fashionable” because they crave attention, and that includes engaging in seemingly bisexual behavior. This isn’t a true bisexual lifestyle, it’s just a few moments or poses to draw attention from others. Real bisexuals don’t do this because it’s modern, attention-seeking, or fashionable–it’s because they have felt this way since they were really young and this hasn’t changed over the years, it has been something natural for them.

So next time you hear these misconceptions and stereotypes about bisexuals from other people, take a few moments to explain that these aren’t necessarily true. People need to be aware that these are just stereotypes that do not reflect every member of the bisexual population. This will also encourage people to be more open and confident about their sexual preferences.

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