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about us

Things in the world of dating have never been easy for anyone. Meeting people, getting to know each other, starting new relationships and navigating the waters of emotions and differences has always been one of the most exciting, but also one of the most challenging aspects of dating. As a whole, we can all relate to these struggles, however those of us in the LGBT community experience not only these challenges, but others that are unique to our lifestyles as well.

Through my own experience in the LGBT community, I have concluded that although the societal views of alternative lifestyles are becoming more open and accepting, we still find ourselves in the position of trying to find happiness in our lives while confronting misconceptions, judgements and misunderstandings about what alternative lifestyles and what LGBT love is all about. We need our own community, our own village, if you will, to turn to when we have questions, when we are struggling with fulfilling our desires and needs, when we are just looking for honesty, sincerity and in need of more options and avenues for finding partners that are compatible.

Based on statistics alone, as someone who is part of the LGBTQ, you are going to have more difficulty finding a compatible partner, no matter what your relationship goals are, in your everyday life than someone who is looking for a traditional straight relationship. Add to it that you are busy, living your life in full color in every way that you can. Suddenly, you find that not only do your options for finding someone to date seem limited, but who has the time to put into the search. This, my friend, is how one ends up lonely, Next, you turn to online dating communities in an effort to expand your pool of choices and connect with someone who is also ready to no longer deal with the same struggles and frustrations.

Unfortunately, the land of online alternative lifestyle and bisexual dating is filled with sites that are filled with false profiles, people who are insincere, trolls and some who are just confused about what they want. Before going any further, it is important to note that there is nothing wrong with a period of adjustment and confusion as you discover the true nature of your intimate desires, however you should be honest and up front with prospective partners, as to not lead them down the wrong path. Many “confused” people use dating sites as a means to work out their confusion without regard for the person they are experimenting with.

Having endured my share of messy online dating experiences, I wondered how many of my fellow members of the bisexual group were going through the same thing. A brief survey indicated that many were struggling with dishonesty, cheating, misleading intentions and dissatisfaction with the matching process of many sites. Then, on the other hand there were some successes. What had happened differently for those who were successful with meeting their needs through online dating? The answer is they did their research.

The most successful people spent time looking over numerous sites. They weeded out the good from the bad, they got a feel for which sites were genuine and which ones were just out to make fast money at their expense. Then the thought occurred to me. What if someone did all the research and put the information out there in our community. What would happen if instead of spending your time, and often your money, weeding though bogus sites or ones that just don’t fit your needs, you could get a quick snapshot and a review of these sites from someone who was also part of the bisexuals, understood exactly what you are looking for and knew what details are important? The answer to this is that more of us would have more active and more satisfying love lives.

With this in mind, I have researched approximately 100 different dating platforms. Many people aren’t even aware that there are so many that claim to cater to alternative and LGBT interests. They are out there, and I have tried on just about all of them so that I can share my experiences of the best ones each with you. Our reviews are complete, comprehensive and above all else, honest. They cover everything from a brief overview to the smallest details that will either enhance or detract from your experience. We have unique needs in the dating community and finding a site that respects that is important for a successful experience. Our goal is to help you get more pleasure, satisfaction and success from your online dating experiences.

While the main purpose of this site is to provide you with an honest evaluation of both popular and more obscure bisexual dating sites, we also aim to be a comprehensive resource for you regardless if you are curious about this lifestyle, if you are about to embark on your first bisexual relationship or if you have long been comfortable with your sexual identity. Along with our lists and reviews, you will also find my blog, where I share my own interesting experiences as part of the LGBT community with you. I aim to offer experiences and advice that will not only entertain, but also enlighten. I also would suggest that if you have someone in your life who is confused about your relationship and sexual preferences, that you invite them to read my blog as well. To broaden the experience even further, you will also find stories and advice pieces written by contributing authors who are also a part of our community.

Now I ask you to go ahead and explore our site. Check out our list of top bisexual sites, dating apps and then peruse our reviews. I promise that if you are interested in exploring the possibility of an online relationship, that taking this step will almost certainly increase your odds of success, no matter if you are looking for something very casual or something very serious. Finally, I hope that you consider this site not just one that offers some useful information, but also as part of your community.

Happy Dating!