5 Rules of Bisexual Dating

bisexual loveAs a bisexual, dating can be a fun and exciting experience. But it can still be difficult to find the perfect person to date. Online dating can be a rewarding experience, allowing you to find the person of your dreams, or just for one night. However, to avoid either party from being hurt, it’s best to adhere to some dating rules. You should never make assumptions with bisexual people, as they are the same or as different as everyone else.

Here are 5 rules of bisexual dating, so you can get the most out of the dating experience.

  1. Be honest with who you are.

    Don’t immediately agree with a person, just because they’re bisexuals, heterosexual, or pansexual. Don’t get so excited that someone says they’re bisexuals, or bi-curious, while you’re not. Be open with your bisexuality and never try to deceive another person as to your orientation, even if you want to impress that hot new person you just met.

  2. Use your own portrait photo on a dating site.

    People don’t want to really meet someone who looks like they’re right out of a magazine. A warm friendly face will show your true character every time. Hold back from posting a bikini photo though. It’s too much, too soon, and you’re not shallow enough to judge a person based on their bikini photo either.

  1. Allow for privacy.

    While it’s essential to ask for a basic dating history to determine risk for STDs, it’s not cool to ask a person you barely know about intimate details of every relationship they’ve ever had. If you’d be uncomfortable being asked the same questions, don’t ask it of them. Be sure to offer them a way out too, such as “if you think this question is too personal, you don’t need to answer it”.

  1. Don’t assume they’ll want to try a threesome.

    Just because you may be interested in one, you can’t assume that just because they’re bi-curious or bisexual that they may be interested too. Be sure to ask open questions to find out each person’s limits and boundaries. If you find early on that they don’t align with your own, it may be time to move on to the next date.

  2. Your date may not want to be limited to bisexual clubs.

    Just because you want to hang out with your bisexual friends all time, may not mean that your date wants to hang out at all the gay bars too. They may wish to try other types of bars, or hang out with heterosexual people. They may wish to see films, movies, or go to the zoo. It’s best to have open communication to determine what they enjoy doing too.

The next time you’re on dating, keep the above rules in mind. Your new date will respect you for them, and you’ll see success from your bisexual dating experiences. And you never know, you may just find that special person for you!